Sammi Hanratty Topless (1 Photo)

Hold up, peeps! Did y’all know that Samantha Hanratty is dealin’ with alcohol addiction? The press ain’t reportin’ it and the young actress herself ain’t talkin’ ’bout it in her interviews.

But yo, just yesterday, Sammi Hanratty dropped a naked pic in the bathtub, and it ain’t just for kicks. She’s tryna grab some attention for her message, ya feel? In the caption under the pic, Samantha opens up ’bout how much she’s cravin’ that alcohol, but she’s been fightin’ it for a whole week and stickin’ to milkshakes instead. Damn, it makes ya wonder if her new hubby ain’t keepin’ a tight enough leash on her if Sammi’s still gettin’ drawn to the bottle like that!


sammi hanratty nude tfb

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