Samantha Rayner Sexy (7 Photos)

Peep these new pics of the hot babe Samantha Rayner lookin’ fire in a sexy black bikini on a yacht. She’s posin’ in the sun with that tanned skin, snatched waist, and them wide hips that make her curves super sexy.


samantha rayner sexy 2 the fappening blog

Samantha Rayner’s a popular Aussie model and influencer, killin’ the social media game on Instagram with over a million followers. Born on September 4, 1996, in Sydney, Australia, she started gettin’ active on the ‘gram in 2017, focusin’ on fashion, swimwear, and underwear, and it didn’t take long for her to catch everyone’s eye. She’s collaborated with big brands like Pretty Little Thing, Lounge, and Oh Polly, reppin’ them as their ambassador.

Samanta’s known for her striking looks and that perfect bod, makin’ her a hot commodity in the fashion industry. She’s 163 cm tall, rockin’ that brown hair and them brown eyes. When she’s not modelin’, she’s all about fitness, doin’ yoga and other workouts to stay fit. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle and discipline in sports is the key to her success and attractiveness.

samantha rayner sexy 1 the fappening blog samantha rayner sexy 3 the fappening blog samantha rayner sexy 4 the fappening blog

samantha rayner sexy 5 the fappening blog samantha rayner sexy 6 the fappening blog samantha rayner sexy 7 the fappening blog


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